Ovis Hill Farm and Market
Local Farm Products - A healthy choice from South Carolina Farms
1501 Weaver St., Timmonsville, SC, 29161 
Cell: 843-992-9447   Office/Store: 843-346-3646

Farm Store -  A veritable "farmers market" with clean and healthy products from a netork of local South Carolina farmers: Pasture raised and grass fed Milk and dairy products from Happy cow Creamery, beef, lamb, chicken, organically grown vegetables, hand made products, wool yarnsand knit items, jewelry seasonal items and more! Open Tuesday-Thursday, 3:00 - 6:00PM and Friday and Saturday from 10:00AM - 5:00PM. Other times are available by appointment.

Our meat, dairy products and eggs are from pasture raised and grass fed livestock free of added hormones and antibiotics. Meat and dairy products are processed at government inspected facilities, then safely packaged and transported to ensure maximum nutrition, safety and freshness for local families. There is
substantial research documenting the health benefits from grass fed dairy and meat products with significantly higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), beta-carotene, vitamin E, and folic acid. Among other benefits, CLA which seems to come only from animals consuming green grasses, has been proven to inhibit tumor growth while it also seems to elevate HDL (good cholesterol) and suppress LDL (bad cholesterol). It is important to remember that while the fats in pasture raised products are truly beneficial, they should be part of an overall healthy & balanced diet and consumed in moderation. 


Happy Cow Creamery Milk:  Whole white, chocolate, and buttermilk.  Happy Cow milk from truly grass fed cows is a blessing for our good health.   Whatever is true for products from grass fed animals is reported to be even truer from the dairy products.  In addition, Happy Cow milk is low temperature pasteurized leaving many of the beneficial enzymes and is not homogenized leaving all that healthy beneficial “grass fat.” Quite a few customers who previously thought they were lactose intolerant report the milk causes them no problems.  In addition to the wonderful taste, this milk recently tested higher in nutrients than the previously highest rated grass fed organic dairy in the Untied States! Click here for our Dairy Product Page! 

Butter and Cheeses:  We have Amish Butter and Cheeses from Ohio and Wisconsin purchase through Happy Cow Creamery’s contacts with other family farms.  Our customers report outstanding flavor and quality!

Lamb:  Ovis Hill Farm lamb is from our flock on our pastures.  Our flock originates from historical breeds with a South Carolina heritage.  While these old breeds customarily don’t finish as large as the modern meat breeds, our customers report superior flavor and texture in the meat.  Treat yourself to a leg of lamb that might have a historical link to antebellum South Carolina, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, & perhaps even the Old Testament Father Abraham. Visit our Grassfed Product Page!

Beef:  Raised and fed on our pastures, our customers consistently report our beef to have excellent flavor, texture, and tenderness.  It is USDA inspected, dry aged for 30 days, and vacuum packed in clear plastic.  It can be purchased by the piece or by the whole or half cow. Please Visit Our Grassfed Product Page! 

Poultry:  all free-range from David White’s farm at Oaklyn Plantation in Darlington or Wil-Moore Farms near Lugoff.  If you haven’t had free-range poultry before, you will be amazed at the delicious taste and texture.  We have whole roasting chickens, and some select parts, and at the holidays will have free-range turkeys. Please Visit our Grassfed Product Page!


Eggs:  from our free-range chickens and the free-range layers from Wil-Moore Farms near Lugoff.  They are fresh, large, and have a wonderful flavor as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

Pickled Vegetables and Hot Sauce:   We carry a variety of  Robin’s gourmet pickled vegetables—carrots, beans, okra, garlic, and asparagus, and two of Palmetto Pepper Potions award-winning hot sauces:  Molten Golden and Larynx Lava which won first and third places in the prestigious Scovie awards (the fiery foods equivalent of the Academy Awards).  These products are all produced in the midlands of South Carolina.

Local Honey:  from the hives of Eric Mills from all around the Timmonsville area.  It is a beautiful color and tastes absolutely wonderful. We carry quart, pint, and 8oz squeezable bear size.

Grits and Cornmeal:  freshly ground, and CANE SYRUP are made by John Catoe of Blizzard Branch Syrup Co. in Middendorf, S.C.   John grows his own corn and cane using organic practices.  Did you know it takes 1,000 stalks of cane to make 10 gallons of syrup?  We carry 12 0z bottles of syrup and 2 lb bags or yellow or white corn meal and grits.


YARNS:  made from Ovis Hill Farm sheep.  We have a supply of natural-colored wool yarn in a couple of plies and a select amount of naturally dyed Ovis Hill Farm wool.  Our friend Dede Styles who was at our festivals this fall has dyed some yarn for us using barks, flowers and other natural ingredients for color. Yarn is ready to knit or crochet and does not require dry-cleaning.

Gift certificates are available in any amount you would like to give and include directions to the store.

We can also make up a PERSONALIZED GIFT BASKET, but these may need to be ordered 7-10 days in advance.

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