Group Tours


Educational Tours and Programs

At Ovis Hill Farms our engaging and informative education program provides a unique interactive experience your group will never forget.

The Basic Tour

Our Basic Tour takes 2 hours and 20 minutes not including time for lunch. On the Basic Tour your group will visit 5 Teaching Stations on the farm led by seasoned Tour Leaders. Cost for the basic tour is @$7.00 for students and @$6.00 for extra adults. There is no charge for teaching and school staff. Please note that there is a minimum charge of $200.00 for tours. Normally this is met with price per student and extra activities.

The Teaching Stations

Barn: In the Barn your group will have up close encounters with some friendly farm animals including sheep, chickens, and bottle feeding time with the calves.

Butter: Learn about how a cow turns grass into milk while you turn cream into butter. Taste test at when the butter is finished!

Bracelets: Discover facts about the relationship of wool, sheep, and people while you make a souvenir that literally grew on the farm!

Garden: How do seeds become vegetables for your dinner table? Local and Home Grown seasonal vegetables are a great addition to any diet. Come see what is growing in our Certified Organic Teaching Garden.

Wagon Ride/Border Collie Demonstration:

Take a ride with Farmer Charlie out to the pasture and visit our Free Range Chickens. Watch in amazement as Sam, our Border Collie, and Farmer Charlie work together to move a whole herd of sheep!

Lunch: Remember you are always welcome to bring a picinic lunch and eat under our Teaching Pavillion. Groups larger than 100 may want to bring blankets to spread over grass or hay bales for additional seating.

Extra Activities:

Seed Planting Demonstration:
20 minutes, add @$.50
What do you need to make a garden? Talk about this with one of our Tour Leaders as they demonstrate the planting of a seed. Take home Seed Planting Kits to start a garden of your own!

Gourd Painting:
30 minutes, add @$5.00
Explore the artistic side of Argriculture. Paint Birdhouses made from gourds grown right at Ovis Hill Farm!

Seasonal Nutritional Program and Tasting:
Seasonal, check for availability, schedule and cost.
We spend time visiting food where it “grows,” in a market place, then participate and observe a cooking demonstration sampling what is prepared. Program is best for older students or adults and usually larger groups. Please call us as this program is tailored for each group and requires careful advance planning.

Other Programs:

We can design and carry out appropriate programs for church groups, family groups, birthday parties, etc. Please contact us for further information.